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About SafeHome Chimney Cleaning & Restoration

Our commitment to exceptional chimney services and unmatched customer care keep our community coming back time and time again. As chimney experts, we strive to never stop improving, and are continuing to enhance our services based on how we can best serve the south metro area, and surrounding cities. We are located in Apple Valley, MN.
We are fully insured and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. We take great pride in knowing we are leaving you with a safe home. 

"Better SafeHome than sorry!"

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Zach and Annalee, SafeHome Owners

Zach and Annalee are grateful for the ability to help others on a daily basis.

Zach is the face of SafeHome you will greet at your front door. In addition to hours of training and testing, Zach has years of experience in the field. He spends his day meeting new people, performing service appointments and bidding project estimates. He loves creating new connections day to day. During the visit, Zach is often seen creating a bond with the four-legged friends as well. 

Annalee graduated with a business marketing degree, and is now using that degree for the business aspect of SafeHome. Annalee typically spends her day working behind the scenes in the office. She loves meeting and getting to know people while setting up their appointments. 

When not working, Zach and Annalee enjoy spending time with friends, family and their two dogs. They also enjoy traveling, playing golf and watching football. They are always up for embarking on an adventure!

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