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Chimney Cleaning

Don't put your safety at risk — schedule a chimney cleaning to ease your worries. Our certified chimney cleaning technicians use the latest tools and equipment to ensure your chimney is free of any dangerous buildup. We understand that chimney cleaning is not just about maintenance, it’s about your safety. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience. Your safety is our main priority.

Why Clean your Chimney?

Gradually with use, creosote may accumulate on the smoke shelf and the flue walls. Creosote is extremely flammable and corrosive, making the chimney dangerous if left inside. Without proper cleaning it can cause a hazard for chimney fires. Chimney cleaning will not only keep your chimney safe, but your home and family as well. 

What if You Don't Clean Your Chimney?

It is actually possible for an overheated terra cotta flue liner to split in just a few of seconds, enabling heat and flames to penetrate nearby combustibles such as walls and structures. As a result, a chimney fire can quickly spread to a house fire.

If a blockage caused by animal nests, a surplus of creosote buildup, or another obstruction is present in your flue system, the smoke from your chimney may be unable to escape up and out of the chimney. That smoke can then come back into your home causing the air supply to become contaminated, and allow carbon monoxide to pollute the home.

How Does Our Chimney Cleaning Process Work?

Our chimney cleaning process is done with precision and care, guaranteeing that your chimney is free from any obstructions or debris.

Our chimney cleaning process is designed to ensure that your home remains spotless during and after the cleaning. Our experienced technicians are trained to remove their shoes, protect your floor by covering it with tarps and using powerful vacuums to remove all soot and creosote remains. You can trust our attention to detail to leave your chimney clean and your home pristine.


Our expert technicians use the proper rods and brushes to clean your firebox, lining system, and smoke chamber. They follow a detailed process that ensures a thorough clean. We finish it off with a powerful SnapLok industrial HEPA vacuum to remove any remaining soot, creosote, or debris, leaving you with a clean and safe chimney.

Chimney Cleaning Process

SafeHome, a Chimney Cleaning Company You Can Trust 

Your chimney system should be cleaned regularly and maintained properly to function safely and effectively. With the help of our chimney cleaning service, you can be sure that every part of your chimney system is in optimal operating order and free from debris and buildup. 

Chimney Cleaning

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